Custom Baking – Event Photo Gallery

  • Birthday cake for construction theme party
    This cake has it all – toy construction trucks, crushed oreo dirt, caramel popcorn rocks, candy corn orange cones for danger.
  • Beach Cupcakes for your Summer Parties
    Graham cracker crumbs for sand, lil’ fishies and gummy bears with gummy lifesavers
  • 1-year Anniversary Cake
    A (real) Halloween wedding’s 1 year anniversary cake.
  • Decadent German Chocolate Cake
    Decadent German Chocolate Cake – a classic!
  • Full Italian Sweets Table
    Yes, we do a lot of close ups but here is the full sweets table for an event
  • Insider’s look at the white cake
    4 layer White Cake with chocolate & ganache filling for family event
  • Party tray from Dolci Italian Bakery
    Blueberry cheesecakes and lemon curd shortbread tarts
  • 2014 Graduation Cake
    Custom Graduation Cake with school colors and small treats to match.
  • Cupcake Cake for boy’s 9th birthday
    Cupcake Cakes look like ice cream cones for kids birthday party
  • Wedding Cake
    It’s wedding season! Call me if you need a cake for any occasion.
  • Two wedding cakes
    Why have one cake when you can have two? Chocolate and white for example
  • Tweety Cake
    Birthday Cake with Tweety Bird
  • 2 layer Carrot Cake. Mother-in-law’s Birthday 2013!
    Fall themed hexagon carrot cake for my mother-in-law’s 88th birthday
  • Custom Halloween Wedding cake
    Halloween Wedding cake – skeleton bride & groom
  • Wedding Cake with Halloween Theme
    Custom Wedding Cake with Halloween Theme
  • Chocolate Alphabet Cupcakes
    Alphabet Cupcakes – Give me a G!
  • Bad Piggy Birthday Cake – Angry Birds
    Angry Birds’ Bad Piggy Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate Birthday Cake
    Classic Happy Birthday cake in Chocolate.
  • Hello Kitty Cake – Happy 60th Birthday!
    Hello Kitty Cake – Happy 60th Birthday!
  • Pre-K Pre-Kindergarten cake!
    Pre-K Pre-Kindergarten cake!
  • Candy Land Cake
    Candyland game cake
  • Lemon cheesecake dotted with blueberries
    Decadent Lemon Curd Cheesecake -candied lemon peel, zest, lemon sponge cake crust, lemon curd and blueberries
  • Italian Flag Layer Cookies –  red white green topped with chocolate
    Italian Flag Layer Cookies – layers of almond paste flavored sponge cake (colored green, white and red) filled with apricot preserves and melted semi-sweet chocolate spread on the top and bottom
  • State Capitol Cake
    WI state capitol – minus Lady Forward at the top
  • Hexagon cake with silly creatures on it
    Peek-A-Boo Monsters Bambino Shower Cake
  • Titleist Golf Ball Birthday Cake
    Custom golf ball cake with a tee and 50 on it it (Birthday)
  • Pot of gold cake
    Jellybean rainbow ends in a pot-of-gold – on this fun custom sheet cake
  • High Heel cake
    Surprise Birthday party cake with high heel shoe
  • 2012 Birthday cake – hexagon – camouflage
    Birthday cake – hexagon – camouflage
  • 2012 Graduation Cake
    Graduation Cake
  • Sheet Cake – Girl Scout Anniversary
    Girl Scout symbol on anniversary cake
  • Diaper Cake – inedible
    Better not eat this one! It’s Made of Diapers
  • 3-layer chocolate chip cookie cake
    Custom Pink chocolate chip cookie Happy Birthday Cake
  • High Heel Shoe Cake – Surprise Birthday Party 2012
    Fondant cake with high heel shoe – birthday cake

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